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We are adapted to offer the top services you require and have hands on experience and understanding looked-for to raise the traffic and visibility of your company.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is described as the actions taken to get better the quality and quantity of traffic in web sites from the accessible search engines in the course of 'natural' search results by using precise keywords. It is a method that is used to develop techniques, strategies and tactics to get better the ranking of a web site in a Search Engine and to create more traffic to the website. The higher the ranking of a particular website, the better will be the possibility of the search engine in finding in and displaying it in the top results of SERP (Search Engine Ranking Page). In general, the higher the site is rested on the search page, more the prospect is there of the searchers for to visit that particular site.

At Rath Infotech & Web solutions Pvt. Ltd., you can be assured what you dream of your online existence, as we with our specialised team offering dedicated services in SEO across the globe. We understand demographics, business verticals, search engine and search trends algorithms. We understand the importance of time and thus making use every bit of it in implementing and developing smart approaches that assist you in increasing your sales.

What SEO Gives You

Search Engine Optimization helps you to unite with the correct audience at the correct time by purely leveraging your website’s visibility to the people who are searching for your service or product though different search engines.

Whether you are aiming your services in India or outside India, usually the websites that come into view at the top of search results will put on better traffic to their pages, which can soon after be turned into prospective business opportunities.

Importance of Keywords

The content of your web site is very much important as it can catch the attention. A well written worded and openly defined content draws the target audience and therefore fights competition in an effective manner.

So, SEO optimization is not quite a simple job, which ends by means of executing important Meta words on each and every page and content of the website. Once the listing of keywords is being sorted, we embrace them on the website pages. This is carried out so as to steer the interest of the search engine to your site; therefore it is exceptionally an important step.

Rath Infotech & Web solutions Pvt. Ltd. helps you to accomplish your goals of high sales online all the way through your website content writing and marketing services. We have professionals to put into action our SEO strategies and efforts to make your web site secure as a prominent ranking in the search engines.

Our Exclusive Services

We at Rath Infotech have engraved a niche out for ourselves in the field of SEO services. The strategies that we go behind for making the same successful are:

  • Website SEO Assessment – Doing and Auditing detailed study of your web site from the SEO point of view.
  • Competitor Analysis - SEO assessment of the weaknesses and strengths of your prospective and potential competitors.
  • Keyword Research – Choosing the correct keywords for your business and respective target audience.
  • On-page Optimization – We optimize important factors of the website/page that includes Meta tags, content, images etc. We follow a set of on page optimisation techniques that are sure to show results. They are as follow: Meta-tag optimisation, Optimisation of ALT tags, Appropriate URL Structure, Optimising web content as per keywords, Internal link building, Error page optimisation, and File name optimisation.
  • Off-page Optimization – We drives high quality and appropriate back-links to your web site. Social bookmarking, forum posting, guest posting, blog commenting, directory submissions etc are some of the methods we make use of.
  • Re-Optimization - Repeating optimization strategies and process with respect to Search Engine Optimization code of ethics
  • Content Marketing - Reaching your customers by creating, publishing and sharing useful content. Rath Infotech is equipped in the company of a team of experienced professionals, who are experts in content writing and content marketing, along with understanding significance of qualitative and informative content on your websites.
  • Reporting and Monitoring – Analyzing and Tracking SEO activities, making well-timed reports for the decision making.

We believe in following white hat techniques, and thereby making sure that our customer’s experience with us is not just one of the best but as only the best SEO services in India and globally.