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The main objective of SMO can be to increase the brand awareness, help consumers in decision making about buying a product or service, provide after sales services and support.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Social Media Optimization (SMO) is the utilization of a number of social media communities and outlets to make promotion for to boost the knowledge of a product, event or brand. SMO is basically quite similar to SEO (Search Engine Optimization), in such a way that the objective is to create awareness and traffic for a web site. As a general rule, SMO refers to optimizing a web site and its content in terms of sharing all over social networking and media sites.

Purpose and Use of SMO

While SMO is associated to search engine marketing, it varies in quite a few ways. Principally, Social Media Optimization focuses on driving traffic from sources excluding from search engines, although better search ranking is as well an advantage of triumphant SMO. Further, Social Media Optimization is ready to lend a hand to target particular layout so as to reach and target the prospective customers.

SMO is in a lot of ways related to the method of viral seeding or viral marketing where word of mouth is created during the use of networking in social bookmarking, photo and video sharing web sites.

In addition, by following social trends and using other social networks, web sites can keep hold of active followers at the same time as well drawing new ones. This permits businesses to put up an online presence and following, all linking back to the company's web site for increased traffic.

Our Services

SMO is turning out to be a progressively more significant thing in SEO, as search engines are more and more using the suggestions of the social networks users such as Reddit, Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, YouTube, and Google+ to rank pages in the search engine result pages. We offer great services by using the above-mentioned social networking sites. However, our services range in different types of social media that include RSS feeds, bookmarking sites and social news, along with social networking websites, such as Twitter, and video and blogging sites.

At Rath Infotech & Web solutions Pvt. Ltd., our plans for SMO consist of:

  • Boost the likability of our clients.
  • Helping out your content to take a trip.
  • Making tagging and bookmarking easier.
  • Make easily-shared content.
  • Connect our client web sites in the company of communities.
  • Positively sharing the content.

We have not limited our SMO services of our clients to merely brand marketing and building exercises, but we as well focus on their growth aspects by putting together them into better contribution in the social media for knowledge enrichment.